I have not bred any mares so there
will be NO foals for 2013
Sorry for the inconvenience.

So now is the time to pick
out your foal from 2012.
See our sale page for your next
Heart Stealer.

Country Roads
Miniature Horse Farm

"Home of the Heart Stealers"

Raised with Love and Patience
Sold with Integrity and Honesty

Mountain View Zoomer
aka Joe

 Hi, thanks for choosing to look at my wonderful horses.
I purchased my first Miniature horse in 1993,
after managing Quarter and Paint breeding ranches,
and working cattle ranches for 30 years.
And have not gotten tired of them yet!!
They are a wonderful animal to have around.
Great therapy for a "challenging day!!!


I have taken a long time and gone through several horses
to get the kind of horse that I want to breed.
My main requirements are Personality..
I want the kind of personality that is kind, but strong, and willing to please.
Then of course legs...they must be strong, correct,
and will hold up to years of driving,
and performance as I want to see my horses perform
year after year giving their owners years of pleasure no
matter what they decide to do with them.

Then the body must be balanced, and well blended.
The head is very important and should be clean,
and pleasant to look at, and have  large, kind eyes.
And because I am breeding Pintos,
I never know what is about to be born...
what fun and anticipation that can be..
just like Christmas!
 My breeding program has turned to Overos, and Pintos in general.
So I hope you enjoy looking at my "Heartstealers"
and please come for a visit either at home or at the shows.
I would love to meet you.

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My herd is AMHA, or AMHR
and/or PtHA registered.

Kathy Sammons
 PO Box 217
Lincoln City, Oregon 97367

Updated 03/12/2012

Country Rds First Grand Champion!

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